New Shoes

#sponsored Once my day begins I'm always on the go, from auditions, to castings, to training clients, to coaching CrossFit and my own fitness class #B.A.M! at NEOU, my days never slow down once they start. So the shoes I wear are not only important to me as a matter of style and something that aesthetically is able to flow with what I'm wearing regardless of the situation, but also with regards to function and comfort, because when you're constantly on your feet, you want those feet to feel good. So I partnered up with @Finishline to get a pair of the new Adidas Ultra Boost Mid's. They're ridiculously comfortable, with a bold style that I love, and are built for running, so they match the dynamic nature of my day. And Finishline made it super easy to cop them, less than five minutes on their site and I got the shoes two days later with no shipping costs. Now I've got some new kicks to coach in and run through the city. I encourage you to check them out for your holiday athletic needs, for you or the fam, everyone loves a new pair of shoes, and @finishline is gonna make sure you're covered #Finishline