Jared P-Smith


Bi-Coastal TV/Film Actor

Based in New York City. Local hire in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami, Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

I was born and raised in Washington DC. I began studying acting my senior year of college, at William and Mary, and have remained committed to the craft, which has most recently landed me a recurring role on CBS’s FBI. 

I have the great privilege of being a part of the Master Class at Anthony Meindl’s Actor’s Workshop. It’s an honor and joy to get to study and grow in a room of equally committed artists who have headlined everything from Broadway productions, to feature films and tv shows. 

When I'm not performing or sharpening the acting ax, I'm living as full a life as possible, coaching  CrossFit classes and also my own personal brand of streaming classes (B.A.M!) that can be viewed online at neoufitness.com. In addition I model professionally with several agencies around the country.